Anritsu 6647A

Sweep Generator
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The Wiltron 6647A Sweep Generator is a high performance, programmable sweep generator. All front panel controls are accessible via GP-IB (optional). Excellent signal purity and frequency stability. Power level accuracy to within 1 dB. Five sweep modes and three built-in markers. Can be phaselocked to an external counter for even greater frequency accuracy. Frequency Range: 10MHz to 18.6Ghz, Output level: > 10 mW (internally leveled)
List of Options
01 Rackmount
02 RF Attenuator
03 GPIB Interface
10 Aux. Rear panel RF power.
11 Ext Squarewave input
12 Sampled RF Power rear panel
13 Rear Panel 5343A marker count interface
14 360 VNA compatability
20 20 mW/ 13 dBm Output power
9N Rear Output Type N
9S Rear Output SMA
Specifications & Attributes (Signal Gen/Synthesizers/Sweepers)
Form Factor
Rackmount ( /01 )
10 MHz - 18.6 GHz
RF ( /10 /12 )

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