Anritsu MG3670B

Digital Modulation Signal Generator 300kHz - 2.2GHz
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The MG3670B outputs the signals needed to develop, test and evaluate digital mobile communications equipment and related devices.
  • 300 kHz to 2.25 GHz frequency range
  • Equipped with a high-performance quadrature modulator
  • Provides a stable and precise output as well as spectral purity up to a maximum output of +13 dBm, even with modulation
  • In addition to testing receiver sensitivity and excess input, it can be used for testing IF stage performance and for evaluating device quality
  • It comes with a MG0301 Pi/4 DQPSK modulation unit installed
  • Used for testing PHS, PDC, PDC_H, NADC and TFTS communication systems
  • Coaxial Cord (3)
  • Power Cord
  • Shielded Cover for GPIB
  • Fuse, 6.3 A (2)
  • Fuse, 3.15 A (2)
  • Operation Manual
List of Options
01 Reference Oscillator: Aging rate: 5x10E-09/day
02 Reference Oscillator: Aging rate: 2x10E-029/day
03 Reference oscillator: Aging rate: 5x10E-10/day
11 Low adjacent channel leakage power
20 RF off release function
MG0301C pi/4 DQPSK Modulation Unit
MG0302A GMSK Modulation Unit
MG0303B Burst Function Unit
MG0305A GFSK Modulation Unit for DECT
MG0307A pi/4 DQPSK Modulation Unit
MG0310A CDMA Signal Generator Card Set
MG0311A pi/4DQPSK Modulation Unit
MG0312A QPSK-OQPSK Modulation Unit
Specifications & Attributes (Signal Gen/Synthesizers/Sweepers)
Form Factor
Application Software
DECT ( /MG0305A )
300 KHz - 2.2 GHz
FSK ( /MG0305A )
MSK ( /MG0302A )
PSK ( /MG0301C /MG0307A /MG0311A /MG0312A )
RF ( /20 )

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