Keysight (Agilent) 8341B

Synthesized Sweeper, 10 MHz to 20 GHz
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The 8341B Synthesized Sweep Generator combines the performance of a synthesizer and broadband sweep oscillator in one unit fully controlled via the HP-IB bus. It is ideal for both manual and automated testing applications. Frequency Range: 10 MHz to 20 GHz with 1 to 4 Hz resolution Calibrated Output: +10 dBm to -110 dBm with maximum output of +20 dBm Very low spurious and phase noise Provides Pulse, Amplitude, and Frequency Modulation Also functions as complete analog sweeper Sweep range from 100 Hz to 20 Ghz Output Connector is type N female, 50 Ohms impedance.
List of Options
003 Low Harmonics 2.3 to 7 GHz
004 Rear RF Output w Attenuator
005 Rear RF Output no Attenuator
006 Delete Pulse Modulation
007 Relaxed Phase Noise
008 1 KHz Frequency Resolution
806 Rackmount slide kit
850 8410B/C Interface Cable
8ZE Factory Refurbished
908 Rack Flange Kit for Use without Handles
910 Additional operating and service manual
913 Rack Mount Flange Kit
915 Additional Service Manual
C06 Phase Detector Board inputs to Back Panel
C07 23-foot cable for use up to 26.5 GHz
E69 MATE/CIIL Programming Capability
H12 Increased Max Leveled Output with Attenuator. 2.3 GHz - 13.5 GHz 12dbm and 13.5 GHz - 18.6 GHz 11.5dbm.
H29 Changes Freq. to 1GHz to 20GHz and removes FM modulation
Specifications & Attributes (Signal Gen/Synthesizers/Sweepers)
Form Factor
Rackmount ( /806 )
2.3 GHz - 18.6 GHz ( /H12 )
1 GHz - 20 GHz ( /H29 )
FM ( /H29 )
Pulse ( /006 )
RF ( /005 )

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