Keysight (Agilent) 8644B

High-Performance Signal Generator, 1 GHz or 2 GHz
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The Agilent 8644B signal generator represents the highest overall performance in Agilent''s line of 1 GHz and 2 GHz signal generators. This generator has very low SSB phase noise (-136 dBc/Hz) and spurious (-105 dBc). Instead of mechanical relays, the Agilent 8644B uses solid state components accurate to within 1.0 dB for setting levels. An advanced internal modulation synthesizer provides coverage to 400 kHz and two-tone capability with the selection of sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, and white Gaussian noise waveforms.

  • -136 dBc/Hz SSB phase noise at 20 kHz offset at 1 GHz
  • < -105 dBc nonharmonic spurious up to 1 GHz allows spurious rejection tests to be fully automated with confidence
  • ±1.0 dB output level accuracy down to -127 dBm
  • Internal modulation synthesizer with coverage up to 400 kHz and two-tone capability
List of Options
001 High Stability Timebase
002 Extends frequency output to 2060 MHz
003 Moves all front panel connectors to rear panel
004 Unavailable. (only available on 8664A and 8665B) Low noise option.
005 Substitute solid-state output attenuator
008 Pulse modulation
009 Calibration for avionics measurements
010 Reduced RF leakage configuration
011 Frequency counter, 20 Hz to 2 GHz
0B0 Do not include manuals
0Q8 Factory Delivered Service Training
814 Additional material for UNN, UNM, 200
815 Additional material for 005,200,UNM,and not 011
817 Additional material for 002,011
82350B PCI High-Performance GPIB Interface Card
907 Front handle kit
908 Rack Flange Kit for Use without Handles
909 Front Handle & Rack Flange Kit
910 Additional operating and service manual
915 Additional Service Manual
AB0 Taiwan Quick Users Guide (Chinese localization)
ABD Germany Quick Users Guide (German localization)
ABE Spain Quick Users Guide (Spanish localization)
ABF France Quick Users Guide (French localization)
ABJ Japan Quick Users Guide (Japanese localization)
ABZ Italy Quick Users Guide (Italian localization)
C2X 2x Calibration Service Agreement
C3X 3x Calibration Service Agreement
R24 Extended 24 Month Warranty
R36 Extended 36 Month Warranty
RC24 Extended 24 Month Warranty & 2x Calibration Service Agreement
RC36 Extended 36 Month Warranty & 3x Calibration Service Agreement
RMKT Agilent Refurbished Product (Do Not Use - Certiprime Option)
Specifications & Attributes (Signal Gen/Synthesizers/Sweepers)
Form Factor
Rackmount ( /909 )
252 KHz - 1030 MHz
2060 MHz ( /002 )
Pulse ( /008 )
RF ( /010 )

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