Rohde and Schwarz SMIQ03B

300 kHz to 3.3 GHz, Vector Signal Generator
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The Rohde SMIQ03B is a 300 kHz to 3.3 GHz, Vector Signal Generator.
  • Broadband AM,Vector Modulation
  • Internal Modulation Generator
  • VSWR: <2
  • TDMA,CDMA,W-CDMA Signal General
  • Analog&Digital Modulation
  • RF,AF & Level Sweeps
  • Performance Characteristics
  • Form Factor Benchtop
  • Minimum Frequency 300 kHz
  • Maximum Frequency 3.3 GHz
  • Frequency Resolution 0.1 Hz
  • Frequency Switching Time 15 ms
  • Time base stability 0.000001 /yr
  • External Frequency Reference 16 MHz
  • Minimum Output Power -140 dBm
  • Maximum Output Power 13 dBm
  • Power Resolution 0.1 dB
  • Output Impedance 50 Ohm
  • Minimum Single-Side-Band Noise -116 dBc/Hz
  • Maximum Single-Side-Band Noise -126 dBc/Hz
  • Harmonics (noise) -30 dBc
  • Non-harmonics (noise) -60 dBc
  • Modulation AM,Pulse
  • External Modulation Inputs(Types) Yes
  • Sweep Modes Linear,Log
  • Programmability/Connectivity
  • User Interface Proprietary
  • Ports to Peripheral Devices IEEE488
  • Test Pattern Storage 50 Patterns
  • Programming Language SCPI
  • Compliance
  • CE Compliance Not on file
  • UL Compliance Not compliant
  • Power Requirements
  • Input Power Universal (Auto Sense and Switch)
List of Options
1R Rack mount Adapter ZZA-94
B1 Reference Oscillator OCXO
B10 Modulation Coder
B11 Data Generator
B12 Memory Extension, 32 Mbit
B13 Memory Extension, 32 Mbit
B14 Fading Simulator, 6 paths
B15 Second Fading Simulator for 12 paths or 2 channels
B17 Noise Generator and Distortion Simulator
B19 RF and AF Rear Connectors
B20 Modulation Coder
B21 Bit Error Rate Tester
B42 Digital Standard IS-95 CDMA
B45 Digital Standard WCDMA acc. to 3GPP (FDD)
B47 Low ACP for IS-95 CDMA and WCDMA
B48 Extended Functions for WCDMA (3GPP)
B49 Extended Fading Functions for WCDMA (3GPP)
B50 Fast CPU
B51 Simulation of static signal of GPS satellite
B60 Arbitrary Waveform Generator include. WinIQSIMTM
D1 Calibration Data Report
K11 Digital Standard IS-95 CDMA (for Option SMIQB60)
K12 Digital Standard CDMA2000 (for Option SMIQB60)
K13 3GPP W-CDMA TDD Mode according to 3GPP TDD (for Option SMIQB6O)
K14 Digital Standard TD SCDMA for Option SMIQ B60
K15 OFDM Signal Generation, HIPERLAN/2 for Option B60 (IEEE802.11Q)
K16 IEEE 802.11b
K17 Digital Standard 1xEV-DO
K18 IEEE 802.11a
K8 TETRA T1 Simulator
Specifications & Attributes (Signal Gen/Synthesizers/Sweepers)
Form Factor
Application Software
cdma2000 ( /K12 )
GPS ( /B51 )
TETRA ( /K8 )
W-CDMA ( /B43 )
300 KHz - 3.3 GHz
FM ( /B5 )

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