Wavetek 2410A

Synthesized Signal Generator
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The Wavetek 2410A has an output power level continuously adjustable from +13 dBm to -127 dBm. In addition to CW operation, it is capable of AM/FM operation from an internal or external source. The 2410 has a very broad 500kHz to 1MHz peak FM deviation over the majority of its operating range.

Standard features on the 2410A include an exclusive AutoCal self-calibration function for frequency and amplitude, extensive user diagnostics, an automatic power up test sequence, and 16 nonvolatile memory locations to store front panel settings.

A 10MHz sine wave reference output is available at the rear panel. IEEE-488 programmable, a great choice for ATE systems.

  • Resolution: Digital Display .l Hz
  • Output level:-127 to +13dBm
  • Modulation: AM/FM. Flatness: 1dB

List of Options
ES Extended Storage for memory 100 settings
LEX Extend frequency down to 100Hx
PHM External Phase Modulation
PUL Pulse Modulator
R01 TCXO .5 ppm reference
R02 TCXO .1 ppm reference
RM Rack Mount
VAR Variable modulation source
XP Maximum Output Power +23dBm
Specifications & Attributes (Signal Gen/Synthesizers/Sweepers)
Form Factor
500 KHz - 1 MHz
Phase ( /PHM )
Pulse ( /PUL )

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