Anritsu MS2711D

100 kHz to 3.0 GHz , Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
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Covering the 100 kHz to 3.0 GHz frequency range, the Anritsu MS2711D Handheld Spectrum Analyzer is the proven solution for installing, provisioning, maintaining and troubleshooting wireless systems and RF frequency spectrum interference issues. This portable spectrum analyzer features a built-in standard preamplifier in a compact, handheld design that can go anywhere, anytime with no backpack required. Ideal for field environments and applications that require mobility, such as site surveys and on-site system testing. The MS2711D can be ordered with optional built-in transmission measurement that adds scalar analysis capability from 25 MHz to 2.5 GHz.
List of Options
21 Transmission Measurement (Tracking Generator)
29 Power Meter
3 Color Display
Specifications & Attributes (Spectrum Analyzers)
Form Factor
Average Noise Level
-135 dBm
100 KHz - 3 GHz

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