Keysight (Agilent) E4444A

BenchLink Spectrum Analyzer Connectivity Software
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E4444A BenchLink spectrum analyzer connectivity software easily transfers your measurement results from the 8560, 8590, ESA, and E7400A EMC series spectrum analyzers to a Windows® -based PC for convenient data storage, exchange or pringing on a wide range of PC compatible devices.

Note: One PC installation per E4444A software purchased. This E4444A can be used with any and all instruments supported by this software.

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  • Use the Screen Image function to transfer a color picture of the analyzer screen to your PC in bitmap or HP-GL formats and save them as PCX, TIF, GIF, BMP, or HP-GL files for importing into your favorite applications, or use the Windows clip-board to cut-and-paste images directly
  • Add key information to Screen Images with the convenient multi-color annotation tools
  • Utilize the trace data function to transfer the frequency/amplitude pairs of analyzer trace data and display them graphically on your PC, then use the BenchLink Pan, Zoom, and X/Y marker features to analyze the traces
  • Copy the trace data as frequency/amplitude pairs in comma or tab separated formats to spreadsheets or math applications for further analysis and manipulation More Information

More Information

  • Apply the Instrument State capability on the 8590-Series, ESA-L Series, ESA-E Series, and E7400A EMC Series to restore previous instrument setups for ease in capturing repetitive measurements
  • Get detailed support with the on-line context-sensitive Help system provided in many local languages
  • Simplify the installation of BenchLink Spectrum Analyzer into your PC with the multi-language Getting Started Guide and a complete install/uninstall utility
  • Supported PC operating systems include: Win 3.1 or higher, 95, 98, 2000, XP, and NT4.0


  • E4444A Demonstration Software, A.01.09
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