Rohde and Schwarz FSEB20

Spectrum Analyzer, 9 KHz to 7 GHz
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The Rohde FSEB20 is a 9 kHz to 7 GHz Spectrum Analyzer. The FSE spectrum analyzers from Rohde&Schwarz have been optimized both for general-purpose measurements and meeting the stringent requirements of testing advanced digital communication systems. High measurement speed,future-proof modular design and excellent characteristics put the analyzers right at the top of today's market - at an attractive price.
  • Combines the following functions: spectrum analysis and analysis of digitally modulated signals (option) Spectrum analysis with maximum dynamic range Adaptation of all models to your specific requirements by means of a wide range of options.
  • Form Factor Mainframe
  • Input Impedance 50 Ohm
  • Minimum Frequency 9 kHz
  • Maximum Frequency 7 GHz
  • Frequency Accuracy 0.0000000001 %
  • Zero Span Yes
  • Minimum Sweep Time 1 us
  • Maximum Sweep Time 1500 s
  • Minimum Resolution Bandwidth 10 Hz
  • Maximum Resolution Bandwidth 10 MHz
  • Resolution Bandwidth Steps 1/2/3/5
  • Minimum Video Bandwidth 1 Hz
  • Maximum Video Bandwidth 10 MHz
  • Video Bandwidth Steps 1/2/3/5
  • Minimum Single-Side-Band Noise -129 dBc/Hz
  • Maximum Single-Side-Band Noise -79 dBc/Hz
  • Maximum DC Input 0 V
  • Minimum Displayed Average Noise -139 dBm
  • Maximum Displayed Average Noise -84 dBm
  • Maximum Dynamic Range 152 dB
  • Trigger Source External,Internal
  • Trigger Modes Freerun,TTL
  • Demodulation AM,FM
  • Connector type (main signal) Type-N(f)
  • 2nd IF Input Connector Type BNC(f)
  • Probe Power Yes
  • Noise Source Driver No
  • Programmability/Connectivity
  • User Interface Proprietary
  • Ports to Peripheral Devices GPIB,RS232
  • Data Storage Type FDD,HDD
  • Compliance
  • CE Compliance Not on file
  • UL Compliance Compliant
  • Power Requirements
  • Input Power Universal (Auto Sense and Switch)
  • Standard Accessories
  • Operating Manua /Operating Manual /Qty:1
List of Options
1R Rack mount Adapter ZZA-94
B1 Color Display
B10 Tracking Generator 7 Ghz
B11 Tracking Generator 7 GHz with I/Q Generator
B12 Tracking Generator Attenuator
B15 Computer Function Capability w/mouse and keyboard.
B15/DOS DOS Computer Function Capability w/mouse and keyboard.
B15/WinNT WinNT Computer Function Capability w/mouse and keyboard.
B16 Ethernet Interface(AUI 15 pin)
B1604 Ethernet Interface (RJ45)
B17 Second GBIP bus interface. Requires Opt B15
B18 Removable Hard Drive
B19 Second Hard Drive (firmware included)
B2 7 GHz Frequency Extension (same as FSE30)
B21 External Mixer Output
B22 Increased Level Accuracy to 2 GHz
B23 721.4 MHz Broadband Output.
B24 44 GHz Frequency Extension
B3 TV Demodulator
B4 Low phase noise
B5 FFT Bandwidths 1Hz to 1KHz
B6/049 Ethernet Interface (coax)
B7 Vector Signal Analyzer
B77 Vector Signal Analyzer
B8 Tracking Generator 3.5 Ghz
B9 Tracking Generator 3.5 GHz with I/Q Modulator
D1 Calibration Data Report
FSE-Z2 PS/2 Mouse
K0 GSM Test Software
K10 GSM Application S/W (Mobile)
K11 GSM Application S/W (BTS)
K3 Noise Figure Measurement Software
K4 Phase Measurement S/W
PSA-Z1 Keyboard Assy
Specifications & Attributes (Spectrum Analyzers)
Form Factor
Rackmount ( /ZZA95 )
Application Software
Phase Noise ( /B4 )
Average Noise Level
-139 dBm
9 KHz - 7 GHz

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