Tektronix 2715

Cable TV Spectrum Analyzer
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Product Specs:
  • In-service Measurements Minimize Program Interruption, Reduce Cost of Acquiring Performance Data - Compatible with NTSC and PAL Systems
  • Digital Channel Measurements Are Ready When You Are - Characterize Averaged Power; Check Noise and Distortions that Can Worsen BER - Applicable to QAM, QPSK, QPR, VSB and OFDM Signals
  • Addresses All FCC Proof of Performance Measurements
  • Cable TV Measurements Enhance Measurement Repeatability and Reduce Technician Training Time
  • Carrier Level, Carrier Frequency, Carrier-to-noise, Hum/LFD and Other Key Measurements Execute Automatically from Easy-to-use, On-screen Menu
  • Unattended and Remote Measurement Modes Reduce Personnel Requirements in the Field
  • 75 Ohm Input with Quick-change F and BNC Connectors Reduce Repair Costs and Minimize Down Time
  • Enhanced Troubleshooting Power with Built-in Preamplifier, Audio and Video Demodulation - All Standard
  • Frequency Coverage to 2.15 GHz, with Opt. 50 and 75, Can View Downconverted Satellite Signals (L-Band)
  • Includes Windows-compatible PC Software for Programmed Measurement Configuration, Data Collection, Measurement Results Printouts, Limits Checking, Alarming and Control of a Locally or Remotely-located 2715
  • High Portability, On-board Non-volatile Memory, Four Digital Displays for Spectral Display Storage and Comparison, Plus True Analog, Continuous Gray Scale Display for Detecting Low Level Beats and Spurs Amidst Noise and Active Video
Other Info:
  • In-service Proof-of-performance Tests
  • Digital Service Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Ingress Detection
The Tektronix 2715 now includes automated tests for both analog and digitally-modulated channels. When you are ready to begin installing digital transmission of video, data or voice, the Tektronix 2715 is ready to help. After setting up the Tektronix 2715 with the new, companion Cable TV RF Measurement Software for Windows, the analyzer automatically determines the correct measurements for each channel type - analog, digital, FM or pilot.
Specifications & Attributes (Spectrum Analyzers)
Form Factor
Application Software
Cable TV
2.15 GHz

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