Tektronix 492A

Spectrum Analyzer, 50kHz to 21GHz
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The 492A Spectrum Analyzer offers calibrated amplitude and frequency coverage from 50kHz to 21GHz in coax, and to 325GHz using Tek's WM490 Series high performance waveguide mixers (not included). Center frequency accuracy is excellent; typically 1kHz at 100MHz, 10kHz at 10GHz and 40kHz at 40GHz. Negligible long term frequency drift ensures measurement repeatability. You get 100Hz resolution bandwidth to 220GHz and 1kHz resolution to 325GHz with high sensitivity and low phase noise.
List of Options
01 RF Preselector 1.7 - 21 GHz
07 75 Ohm Input; Freq. Range 10 KHz - 1.8 GHz
08 Delete External Mixer Capability
21 External Waveguide Mixers 18 - 40 GHz
22 External Waveguide Mixers 18- 60 GHz
30 Rackmount Cabinent
31 Rear Panel Connectors
39 Silver Memmory Battery
41 Digital Microwave Radio Capability
42 Rear Panel 2nd IF output (110 MHz)
43 Reduced Graticle Ray Tube
45 MATE programmability
52 North American 220 V operation
Specifications & Attributes (Spectrum Analyzers)
Form Factor
Rackmount ( /30 )
Application Software
Phase Noise
50 KHz - 21 GHz

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