Keysight (Agilent) 11713A

Attenuator/Switch Driver
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The new 11713B attenuator/switch driver is a direct replacement. For more information on new features and backwards compatibility, please see the Agilent 11713B/C Attenuator/Switch Driver

The Agilent 11713A attenuator/switch driver provides GPIB or ''local'' front panel drive control for programmable attenuators and electromechanical switches. Concurrently drive up to two Agilent 8494/5/6/7, Agilent 84904/6/7K/L programmable attenuators and two electromechanical switches (Agilent 8761, 8762, or 8765 series). The Agilent 11713A can also be used to supply +24 V common and ten pairs of current sinking contacts (total current draw less than 1.3A peak for 1 second, 0.65A steady state) to independently control up to 10 relays. An integral power supply with short circuit protection eliminates the need for an external power source. Each Agilent 11713A is supplied with two plug-in drive cables to simplify connection to programmable attenuators. Switching time is less than 10 milliseconds.

  • Simple GPIB control of up to ten switch or attenuator sections
  • Drives two attenuators and two switches concurrently
  • Controls up to ten 24 V relays
List of Options
001 Viking connector to 10-pin DIP plug; quantity (2). Agilent 11764-60004
003 Viking to open ended X 2, 11764-60004 X1, 8120-2703 X 1.
101 Viking to Viking drive cables; quantity (2).
201 Viking to Bare Wires; quantity (2).
5063-9240 rackmount kit is designed for use with only one instrument, mounted on either the left or the right side of the rack
87222D Coaxial Transfer Switch, DC to 40 GHz
87222E Coaxial Transfer Switch, DC to 50 GHz

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