Keysight (Agilent) E6000B

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The Agilent E6000B is a Mini-OTDR.
    Performance Characteristics
  • Form Factor Mainframe
  • Fiber Type Multimode,Singlemode
  • Measurements/Features
  • Specs depend on selected module
  • Built-in-multi-fiber test with template mode one-button operation
  • Automatic event adjustment
  • 15 secs power up cycle
  • Start-km:1 km-400 km
  • Span: 0.1 km-500 km
  • Inter mem: up to 200 traces
  • Automatic fiber characteristic
  • Programmability/Connectivity
  • User Interface Proprietary
  • Ports to Peripheral Devices Centronics,RS232
  • Life Cycle Data
  • Out of Production Apr-01-2001
  • Out of Support Apr-01-2006
  • Compliance
  • CE Compliance Not on file
  • UL Compliance Not compliant
  • Power Requirements
  • Input Power Universal (Auto Sense and Switch)
  • Standard Accessories
  • 1 /User Guide /Qty:1
  • 2 /NiMH Battery pack /Qty:1
  • 24542U /RS232C Cable /Qty:1
  • 3 /AC/DC adapter /Qty:1
  • 4 /Power Cord /Qty:1
  • 5 /Soft Carrying Case /Qty:1
  • 6 /RS232 Cable /Qty:1
  • C2959A /Centronics Cable /Qty:1
List of Options
002 Hard Transit Case
003 Color screen, VGA-LCD
004 Software update
005 20 MB flash disk
007 Compact keyboard
011 1310nm single-mode OTDR module, 30 dB
012 1310/1550nm single-mode OTDR module, 30 dB
013 1310/1550nm single-mode OTDR module, 30 dB and 850/1300nm multi-mode OTDR module, 23 dB
021 Straight Connector
022 Angled Connector
E6003A SM 1.3/1.5um, 35/34dB Module
E6003B SM 1.3/1.5um, 40/38dB Module
E6003C SM 1.3/1.5um, 43/42dB Module
E6004A SM 1.3/1.5um, 28/28dB Module
E6005A MM .85/1.3um, 26/34dB Module
E6006A Power Meter Submodule
E6007A Visible Fault Finder
E6008B SM 1.3/1.5um, 45/43dB Module
E6009A MM .85/1.3um, 18/23dB Module
E6012A SM 1550/1625nm 43/40dB Module
E6013A SM 1310/1550/1625nm 39/38/37dB Module
E6020B Mainframe bundled with OTDRĀ Module, NiMH Battery, AC Adapter/Cord, User Manual, and Softcase
E6083A 64MB PC Card
Specifications & Attributes (TDR / OTDR)
Form Factor
Plug-In ( /011 /012 /013 /E6003A /E6003B /E6003C /E6004A /E6005A /E6006A /E6008B /E6009A /E6012A /E6013A /E6020B )

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