Omega 4002 AJC

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The OMEGATone 4000A Series digital controller distinguishes itself by features, construction, and operation one would expect to find only in controllers costing much, much more. Bright, easy-to-read LED digits yield an unambiguous temperature indication which is not achievable with an analog controller. The standard unit includes adjustable proportional band, manual reset, plus a metal case with full plug-in construction, allowing front removal of the entire control unit without disturbing the case and its rear wiring. Series 4000A controllers are available in single and dual setpoint models with relay outputs as a standard. Triac or 4 to 20 mA optional outputs are offered on the first point at no additional cost. Models 4001A and 4002A lend themselves to a broad spectrum of control applications: single point control, dual setpoint control, and single point control with either high or low limit alarm.

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