Temptronic TP04100A

ThermoStream Thermal Inducing System,-20 to +225 C

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Test and characterize components, hybrids, and modules at the tester site or on a PCB at precise temperature with our convenient benchtop systems. Features
  • Precise temperature control at the DUT
  • Compact system for tabletop use.
  • Portable between test sites.
  • Hand-held thermal wand for convenience and flexibility in directing temperature to the DUT.
  • Versatility: Interchangeable adapters and shrouds adapt the system for testing DUTs of various sizes and configurations.
  • For hands-free operation, an optional benchstand is available with Model TP41A and TP04100A ThermoStream Systems.
  • Airflow Rate: 2 to 6 scfm ( 1 to 3 l/s)
  • Create up to 10 ramp/soak/cycle thermal test routines
  • Intuitive, user-friendly menu control
  • Temperature Control Modes: Air or Patented DUT Dual Loop ControlĀ²
  • DUT Control Sensors: Type T or Type K ThermoCouple
  • Modes of Operation: Two: Manual Operation for cycling at Hot/Ambient/Cold; Program Operation for setting thermal cycling sequences, "At Temperature" Windows and other parameters.
  • Remote interfaces: IEEE.488, RS232, and ST/EOT
  • Thermal Cap provides a localized thermal test environment, protecting from moisture condensation at the DUT site.
  • Handheld thermal wand for flexibility in bringing temperature to device; optional bench stand for hands-free operation
  • Compact, portable system fits benchtop
  • CE Compliant and CFC-free
List of Options
01 Post and Arms
EXD External Dryer
IEEE GPIB Parallel Bus IEEE 488 / GPIB Connection
RS232 Serial RS232 Connection
ST EOT SFF ST / EOT / SFF Interface

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