Inter-Continental Microwave TF-3001-D

Adjustable Test Fixture Mainframe
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The ICM Adjustable Test Fixture Mainframe Series TF-3000 provides a highly flexible test platform for microwave semiconductor measurements, such as S-parameters, noise figure, etc. Both RF-launches can be adjusted in y and z axis to accommodate DUTs with offsets and different substrate thickness'. Full compatibility with all Midsections and Calibration Kits is maintained. The concept of having a mainframe with plug-in type midsections makes it a very adaptable and cost-effective solution. De-embedding can be done easily with available TRL or TOSL Calibration Standards. Many different midsections are available for FET-chip measurements, Bipolar-Chip measurements, MMIC-Chip measurements, and Packaged transistors (low noise to power devices). Excellent RF characteristics and measurement repeatability are designed into the basic fixture. Replaceable Connector Transition Assemblies allow the use of APC-7, APC-3.5, SuperSMA, K and 2.4mm connectors to be used with the same mainframe (male and female interfaces available).

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