Keysight (Agilent) 3551A

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The 3551A Transmission Test Set is ideally suited for measurements on voice, program, and data circuits up to 50 kbps. Designed for use with North American Bell standards and is capable of measuring attenuation distortion, loss, message circuit noise, noise-with-tone, noise-to- ground, and single frequency interference. Receiver covers 40Hz to 60kHz with dynamic range from +15 dBm to -70 dBm and 0.1 dB resolution. Message circuit noise range is 0 dBrn to +85 dBrn; Noise-with-tone from 10 dBrn to +85 dBrn; Noise-to-ground from 40 dBrn to +125 dBrn, resolution is 1 dB. Balanced impedances of 135, 600, and 900 ohms. Measures 2-wire and 4-wire balanced circuits. Covers are not available.
  • Option 001 = Adds Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Option 002 = Adds P/AR Measurement in place of Noise-to-Ground
  • Option 003 = Adds both Battery Pack and P/AR Measurement in place of Noise-to-Ground
  • Option C01 = 19" rack mount
  • Option H10 = Extends Frequency Range to 85kHz
List of Options
1A3 Bellcore CLEI code
910 Additional operating and service manual

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