Tektronix ST112

SONET Transmission Test Set
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  • OC-1/3/3c/12/12c Framing and Payload per Bellcore and ANSI Specifications
  • Complete Overhead and Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT)
  • Extended Control and Measurement Display via VT100 and RS-232 Support
  • STS-3c/12c, DS3 and VT1.5 Payload Mappings
  • User-upgradeable Software
  • Unique VT1.5 Channel Scan and SONET Trouble Scan
  • Standalone DS1/3 Test Capability
  • Six DSX-3 or Six STSX-1 and Four DSX-1 Outputs
  • Quick Setup for Automatic Configuration of Standard Test Modes
  • AutoSeek (Automatic Detection of Receive Signal) and AutoLink (Receiver Follows Transmitter)
  • Full SPE and VT Pointer Control
  • Multiple Electrical Outputs for Four DS1, Six DS3/STSX-1
  • Access to All SONET Overhead Bytes
  • Data Communications Channel (DCC) Add/Drop
  • Multiple Simultaneous Timed Alarms and Errors (for Software Regression Testing and Other Applications) Applications
  • SONET Network Element Testing
  • Loopback Testing
  • End-to-End Testing and Monitoring
  • Path Provisioning and Performance Monitoring
  • Software Regression Testing ST112 Portable Transceiver The portable ST112 transmission analyzer is on the leading edge of today's growing need for SONET testing. It's designed not only to support today's needs, but tomorrow's emerging technologies as well. The powerful ST112 is a compact single-unit solution for providing extensive SONET STSX-1, OC-1/3/3c/12/12c signal generation and analysis for tributary and network testing. Optimized for lab-based conformance and field-based installation testing, the ST112 extends SONET testing technology to ATM by delivering a clear channel STS-3c concatenated mapping in addition to the standard DS3 and VT1.5 mappings. The ST112 combines easy-to-use, powerful test solutions with user-upgradeable software to meet evolving SONET standards. Rugged, Portable Design with Powerful Features While its portable, lightweight transceiver design makes the ST112 an ideal SONET test set, its extensive DSX-1 and DSX-3 test capabilities also provide outstanding network payload drop tests. At less than 22 pounds, the ST112 is the single-unit solution for all SONET testing where portability and ease-of-use are important. Standard RS-232, GPIB and parallel printer interfaces, as well as VT100 terminal capability, provide the ST112 with complete remote control, display and printed report features. Simple to Use The following features make the ST112 simple to use:
  • Front-panel LEDs provide instantaneous identification of the operational
  • status and alarms
  • Built-in LCD screen displays test menus and results
  • AutoLink feature automatically resets receiver to match user-updated transmitter settings
  • VT100 terminal interface allows easy remote access to extended menus
  • Interruptible pause/resume aids completion of long test cycles
  • Upgradeable Software Evolve with SONET Standards
  • The ST112's advanced design enables the user to easily install software
  • upgrades. This feature avoids obsolescence and keeps the ST112 on the leading edge of the evolving SONET standards. Extensive SONET Test Capabilities The ST112's SONET capabilities include not only optical carrier generation, but also STS-3c/12c, DS3 and VT1.5 payload generation. Additional features include:
  • VT Channel Scan for testing VT mappings
  • Event sync (Opt. 07) provides output signals for deriving switch timing or
  • propagation delay from alarm conditions
  • Byte synchronous payload mapping for next generation DLC testing
  • Full error and alarm generation The ST112 Receiver analyzes the incoming optical signal and displays performance-monitoring information for the optical signal and payloads. TroubleScan Systematically Searches for Errors The ST112 has been carefully engineered to enable the user to work smarter, not harder. For example, the ST112 Receiver has a unique, time-saving feature called STS TroubleScan, which systematically scans the entire input signal and displays any detected errors and alarms on all payload envelopes.
  • List of Options
    03 OC-1, OC-3 and OC-3c 1310 nm FC Connector
    04 OC-1, OC-3, OC-3c and OC-12 1310nm FC Connector
    06 LabView Drivers Remote Test
    07 Event Sync Output
    08 Payload Mappings
    1C Replace the BNC Connectors with WECO 560 Connectors
    1M Rackmount
    2C Replace the 310 Connectors with Bantam Connectors
    3C Replace the FC Connectors with SC Connectors.
    4C Replace the FC Connectors with ST Connectors
    5R Replace 1310 nm Laser with 1550 nm Laser

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