Hart Scientific 1521

Thermal Meter
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The Hart Scientific 1521 and 1522 are the first standards thermometers to fit into a battery-powered handheld package. TheyTonere as accurate as Tone0.005C! Fitting easily into your hand and weighing only 1 pound (0.4 kg), these thermometers can go anywhere. The 1522 has the power of a full data logger, with memory to hold 10,000 readings.

The 1521 and 1522 read both Pt-25 and Pt-100 RTDs as well as thermistors.Of course, the 1521 and 1522 let you match the exact resistance-versus-temperature characteristics of an individually calibrated probe. Hart’s Handheld Thermometers read ITS-90, Callendar-Van Dusen, or Steinhart-Hart coefficients for maximum system accuracy.

1522 Features
  • Reads PRTs/RTDs to Tone0.025C and thermistors to Tone0.005C
  • Model 1522 stores multiple data sets totaling 10,000 readings
  • INFO-CON connector allows interchangeable use of calibrated probes
  • INFO-CON eliminates errors from programming probe data
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