Tektronix WFM1125

HDTV Waveform Monitor
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High Definition Waveform Monitor WFM1125 Features And Benefits
  • Waveform/Vector Monitor for HDTV Baseband Video
  • Two SMPTE 292M, 1.485 Gb/s Serial Component Inputs
  • Available for 1920x1080i, 1280x720p or Dual Digital Video Formats
  • Multi-format Option Adds 1920x1080i/50, 1920x1080/24sF and 1920x1080p/24 Formats
  • Parade and Overlay Waveform Displays in RGB, GBR or Y/Pb/Pr
  • Vector display for 240M or 274M Colorimetry
  • Tektronix Diamond, Lightning and Bowtie Displays
  • Expanded Waveform Scales for Extended Accuracy
  • Waveform Save Mode for Signal Comparison
  • NTSC or Tri-level External Reference
  • Analog Y/Pb/Pr and Digital Picture Monitor Outputs
  • AES/EBU Output of Audio Embedded in SMPTE 274M Data (1920x1080i/60 Format)
  • Gamut, Status and Line-by-line CRC Monitoring
  • VGA Display and Screen Output Applications
  • Digital High-definition Baseband Monitoring for Production and Broadcast Digital Television Waveform Monitor The WFM1125, equipped with Opt. 0A, 0B, 0C or 0D, is the latest in a series of Tektronix high definition waveform monitors to both acquire and display the SMPTE292M television signal in its native digital format. All signal processing is mathematical, resulting in very high display accuracy, even in magnified modes. The only analog processing is an instrument reference to external tri-level or NTSC sync and conversion of the digital signal for output to an external analog picture monitor. Handling the digital signal without conversion to analog provides several distinct user advantages. Waveforms and screen graphics are clear and bright on the instrument VGA display and the WFM1125 display can be output to a conventional VGA computer monitor for easy viewing in large operating centers. The operator can view video data in its raw, unfiltered form, or mathematically accurate filters may be applied. The operator can store a display for reference, allowing comparison of one video signal to another. The engineer is assured the display is accurate and directly related to data values. And AES/EBU audio embedded in the 1920x1080i/60 video format can be easily extracted for thorough evaluation using a companion Tektronix 764 digital audio monitor. The WFM1125 selects between two SMPTE 292M, 1.485 Gb/s data signals transporting video and, in the 1920x1080i/60 high definition format (Opt. 0A, 0C or 0D), embedded audio. Opt. 0B monitors video signals in the SMPTE296M, 1280x720p high definition format. The operator may display data signals as video waveforms in Y/Pb/Pr, RGB or GBR format. A color vector display of the Pb and Pr color difference components is provided for color matching, with graticules corresponding to 75% or 100% color bars with SMPTE 240M (BTA-S001A) or SMPTE 274M (ITU-R BT.709) colorimetry. A Diamond gamut display provides a reliable indicator which allows the graphics operator maximum color flexibility without violating RGB color space. Lightning and Bowtie displays assist the engineer in camera and system setup. These displays can be stored for reference, facilitating camera and graphics matching. SMPTE 292M error checking is fully supported by the WFM1125 on a line-by-line basis for luminance and chrominance components. A rear panel signal may be enabled to trigger external equipment in the event of a data CRC error. Engineers will appreciate the WFM1125's data list feature, with quick access to ancillary data locations. The Tektronix WFM1125 is ideal for both operational and technical monitoring applications. Its selection of video displays and display storage capabilities provide the tools needed by operators to efficiently monitor the creation and correction of digital high definition signals. This same instrument provides the data analysis capabilities needed by the engineer to setup digital high definition sources and systems for conformance to standards, compatibility with other devices and best technical quality. The Tektronix WFM1125 digital high definition waveform monitor is the definitive tool for operators and engineers in the new high definition DTV environment.
  • List of Options
    0D MULTI-STANDARD; 1080I/60/50, 1080P/24, 1080//24SF,720P/60

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