Tektronix WVR500

Waveform/Vector Rasterizer
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Waveform/Vector Rasterizer Features & Benefits
  • Rasterizes NTSC or PAL Video Signal for Picture Monitor Display
  • High Quality Display of Live or Test Waveforms
  • Full Field or Cut-in Waveform and Vector Displays
  • Safe Title/Safe Action Area Indication
  • 4:3 or 16:9 Display Formats
  • No Processing of Picture, Even in Cut-in Modes
  • Line Select for VITS Observation
  • Local or RS-232 Control
  • Small, Single Unit Package
  • Compatible with Tektronix Mounting System
  • Ideal for Dual Standard Applications
  • Safety Certified to UL, CSA, and VDE Standards, Meets 89/336/ECC Applications
  • Low-cost Video Monitoring
  • ENG/SNG Setup and Monitoring
  • Remote Microwave and Transmitter Monitoring The Tektronix WVR500 Waveform/Vector Rasterizer is a one-half rack width, one rack unit high device that provides a compact and economical solution for monitoring the waveform and color vector display of an NTSC or PAL television signal. The waveform or vector is displayed on a standard NTSC or PAL picture monitor, either full-screen or cut into the picture display. A signal may be displayed locally or at remote locations within reach of a video circuit. The WVR500 provides the composite NTSC or PAL signal monitoring features expected in a two input combination waveform/vector monitor, including flat and filtered waveform displays in 1H, 2H, and field rate sweeps, H & V magnification, full field or line selected. The vector display may be rotated or magnified. Either waveform or vector may be displayed on an existing picture monitor full screen, and one or both may be cut into the color picture. The output of the WVR500 is NTSC or PAL and may be routed to a remote picture monitor via standard video circuits. The display quality of the WVR500 is outstanding. There is no processing of the picture video passed through the unit. All graticules are electronically generated for maximum clarity. Waveform and vector displays utilize a Tektronix-developed rasterizing technology and exhibit much of the look and clarity of a conventional electrostatic CRT. Particular attention has been paid in the development of this new technology to retaining display fidelity with both live video and video test signals. The compact size of the WVR500 allows mounting at the operator position with a minimum of panel space. The rasterizer may be connected via a single video feed to a picture monitor or may be installed in a routing system for display through any signal monitoring path. The WVR500 waveform/vector rasterizer is used in applications where monitoring is desired, but previously not possible due to distance between the monitoring connection and the operator. Typical applications include remote monitoring of VTRs, satellite uplinks/downlinks, and remote microwave and transmitter sites where a return video link is available. The WVR500 is ideal for cable, network, telephone company and satellite video operating centers where many feeds are simultaneously monitored using continuity picture monitors. A questionable feed may be quickly checked for proper video level, hum, tilt or interference. Using the cut-in waveform feature, the operator can easily confirm he is checking the desired signal. In the production control room, the WVR500 may be assigned with the routing switcher, providing waveform and vector monitoring on-demand for many production sources. Simultaneous observation of creative effects and technical signal parameters is now straightforward. Using the WVR500, compact production systems and news-feed vans can now have high quality waveform and vector monitoring functions with a minimum of additional rack space. Systems operating across international borders will find menu selection of PAL or NTSC and operation on a wide range of AC mains voltages convenient. In technical education and video training, the WVR500 allows display on large classroom monitors. Now both the instructor and students can see and understand the same display. The WVR500 is intended to be permanently connected into a system. While not specifically designed for desktop video or one-man electronic field production applications, it will be valuable in setting up and operating such applications when a conventional waveform monitor is not available.
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