Boonton 9231

Single Channel RF Voltmeter
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The 9230 Series RF Voltmeter is capable of measuring voltage from 200µV to 10V. The microprocessor-based voltmeter is useful for both ATE and manual operation.

The instrument measures RF voltage at an accuracy to 1% of the reading at full scale. The menu-driven, 20 character x 4 line LCD display has .001 resolution and can simultaneously show bar graphs of data from both channels. Users can change the voltage display to millivolts or volts, RMS or Peak (Peak = 1.414 x RMS), as the application requires. Additionally, the dB display is in dBv or dBmV, RMS or Peak (Peak = RMS + 3.01 dB). A full function GPIB standard interface allows remote operation of all the voltmeter’s front panel controls except the line switch.

Among the other options is a second channel input that provides a duplicate set of input amplifiers and circuits. Front or optional rear panel connectors are available. The instrument can then display Channel 1 and Channel 2 simultaneously, resulting in two identical channels for gain, relative, and differential measurements.

High impedance probes and accessories allow the voltmeter to measure unterminated, terminated, and thru-line measurements at either 50W or 75W characteristic impedance. Using the 75W probe, the 9230 Series can be used to measure video signals.

  • 200µV to 300 V measurement range, 8 ranges
  • 10 kHz to 1.2 GHz frequency range
  • Differential measurements in dual channel mode
  • Basic accuracy to 1% of reading with full scale sensitivity
  • True RMS response below 30 mV (to 3V with 100:1 divider)
  • High Impedance Probe and accessories available for 50 or 75 ohm systems to 1.2 GHz, terminated or thru-line
  • Display in V, mV, dBm, dBr, dBmV, dBV, Peak or x100

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