Tektronix WFM7100

Waveform Monitor Multi-Standard, Multi-Format Analog/SD/HD
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The HD-capable WFM7100 offers high performance monitoring and measurement for applications involving HD digital video. It combines the video and audio monitoring capabilities available on the WFM7000 with available support for Dolby audio, in-depth data analysis, and SDI signal measurement.
  • The WFM7000 and WFM7100 Support HD, SD, and Composite Video Formats
  • FlexVu™ XGA Display Increases Productivity with the Ability to Create Hundreds of Custom Multiple-view Displays Tailored to Specific Work Practices
  • CaptureVu® Video Frame Capture Improves Efficiency in Troubleshooting and Equipment Setup
  • MyMenu User-defined Menu Saves Time by Placing Frequently Used Controls On a Single, Easily-accessed Touch-screen Menu
  • Exclusive Tektronix Gamut Displays Help Ensure Compliant Content
  • Patented Tektronix Timing and Lightning Displays Help Rapidly and Accurately Adjusts Critical Plant Timing
  • Extensive Fault Monitoring, Status Reporting, and Error Logging Simplify Content Quality Control
  • Available High-performance SDI Signal Measurement and In-Depth Digital Data Analysis Help Quickly Resolve Difficult Quality and Reliability Problems
  • Exceptional Audio Monitoring Available, Including Support for Dolby® Audio Formats and a Front-panel Headphone Connector, Reduce Time and Effort in Verifying Multi-channel Audio Content
  • Standard and User-definable Safe Area Graticules Help Avoid Errors and Rework in Editing and Format Conversion
  • Front-panel USB Port For Easy Storage and Transfer of Instrument Settings and Video Data
  • Network Access and Control Supports Remote-site Monitoring
  • Fully Digital Processing for Accurate, Repeatable, Drift-free Operation
  • Monitoring and compliance checking in video distribution and broadcasting
  • Quality control in the video production and post-production
  • Equipment qualification and troubleshooting in the installation and maintenance of video facilities and systems
List of Options
01 Portable cabinet
02 Dual rack cabinet (same as WFM7F05 option NN)
05 Dual rack cabinet (same as WFM7F05 option ON)
06 Filler panel for dual rack cabinet
06 Drawer for dual rack cabinet
071-0915-xx Service Manual for the WFM6100 and the WFM7000 Series products
62 Analog audio breakout cable
A0 Power Plug/North America Power
A1 Power Plug/Univer EURO power
A10 Power Plug/China power
A2 Power Plug/United Kingdom power
A3 Power Plug/Australia Power
A4 Power Plug/North America power(240 V)
A5 Power Plug/Switzerland power
A6 Power Plug/Japan power
A99 No power cord or AC adapter
AD Adds support for Digital Audio monitoring (embedded and AES/EBU inputs) and for Analog Audio Monitoring
C3 Calibration Service 3 Years
C5 Calibration Service 5 Years
CA1 Single Calibration
CPS Adds support for Composite Analog Monitoring; 2 Composite Analog Inputs
D1 Calibration Data Report
D3 Calibration Data Report 3 Years (with Option C3)
D5 Calibration Data Report 5 Years (with Option C5)
DAT Adds data analysis capabilities. Allows for logic-level view of video and audio digital data stream and ANC data extraction.
DD Adds support for Dolby Digital (AC-3) decode, Digital Audio (embedded and AES/EBU inputs) and for Analog Audio Monitoring
DDE Adds support for Dolby E decode, Dolby Digital (AC-3) decode, Digital Audio (embedded and AES/EBU inputs) and for Analog Audio Monitoring. Supports digital audio formats with up to eight channels.
DS Adds support for Digital Audio Monitoring in embedded and AES/EBU formats
EYE Adds eye pattern and basic jitter measurement. The EYE option enables the display of Eye Patterns in 3–Eye, 10–Eye (SD), or 20–Eye (HD) modes and cable length measurements (including source signal level and cable loss).
HD Adds support for High Definition inputs
L0 English manual
L5 Japanese manual
L7 Simplified Chinese manual
NRC No portable or rack cabinet
PHY Includes the capabilities of EYE option plus advanced physical layer measurements; jitter waveform, and automated eye measurements.
R3 Repair Service 3 Years (including Warranty)
R5 Repair Service 5 Years (including warranty)
SD Adds support for Standard Definition Monitoring; 2 SD SDI Inputs
WFM7F02 Portable cabinet with handle, feet, tilt bail, and front panel cover
WFM7F05 Dual rackmount for WFM6100, WFM7000, WFM7100, 1700 Series, WFM601 Series, WFM700 Series, 760A, and 764.

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