Keysight (Agilent) PRG-33326-60003

RF Programmable Attenuator, DC - 40 GHz, 90 dB
Repair Information
Support Level: Limited Support
Calibration Information
Support Level: NCR (No Cal Required)
Common Failures Analysis
Being a leader in the service industry means we see a lot of equipment come through our doors. With that in mind we've seen a wide array of equipment failures. Listed below is a summation of repair history for the Keysight (Agilent) PRG-33326-60003.
Failure Occurrences Avg. Turnaround Time (Days)
Defective Attenuator 17 5
Multiple Problems 10 6
Repair By Exchange 9 23
Dirty Contacts 8 5
Bad Grommets. 8 3

Number of times we've repaired this model for the given failure.

Avg. Price of Service
The average total service bill for this model for the given failure. Keep in mind this is an average and is not indicative of your unit. Calibration, Parts, etc. can cause fluctuations in repair prices.

Avg. Turnaround Time
This is the average number of days it takes to repair the given failure. This is based on the number of days from the time the item is received to when we send you our evaluation plus the number of days from when we receive your approval to when we ship it out.

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