Rohde and Schwarz ESIB26

20Hz - 26.5GHz EMI Test Receiver
Repair Information
Support Level: Repair Only
Model Evaluation Fee: $500.00
Due to the technical complexity involved with troubleshooting this unit, we charge an evaluation fee of $500.00.
Calibration Information
Support Level: Certificate of Conformance
Std. Calibration Price: $3,005.00
Standard calibration includes calibration to manufacturer's specifications.
z540 Calibration Price: $3,005.00
z540 calibration is the same a standard calibration but also includes pre and post calibration data.
17025 Cal Price: $3,514.50
17025 calibrations include all the same as above, calibration to manufacturers specification with data as well as all uncertainty calculations.
Which calibration is right for me?
Note: Units that fail calibration will be charged a minimum of 50% of quoted price.

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