Keysight (Agilent) 8563E

Portable Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz
Repair Information
Support Level: Full Service Support
Flat Rate Repair Price: $3,495.00
Flat rate repair pricing applies to single failure units and will cover any repairs related to that failure as well as standard calibration. Calibration with data can be added to any flat rate repair order for an additional charge. Units with multiple failures will be quoted on a time and material basis.
Time and Material Price
Time and Material pricing applies to multiple failure units.
Here is a high, low and average repair price estimate based on past repair history.
Low: $124.00
Average: $3,365.95
High: $17,827.45
Calibration Information
Support Level: Calibration with Data
Std. Calibration Price: $881.00
Standard calibration includes calibration to manufacturer's specifications.
z540 Calibration Price: $1,401.00
z540 calibration is the same a standard calibration but also includes pre and post calibration data.
Which calibration is right for me?
Note: Units that fail calibration will be charged a minimum of 50% of quoted price.
Common Failures Analysis
Being a leader in the service industry means we see a lot of equipment come through our doors. With that in mind we've seen a wide array of equipment failures. Listed below is a summation of repair history for the Keysight (Agilent) 8563E.
Failure Occurrences Avg. Turnaround Time (Days)
Multiple Problems 226 30
Defective RHYTHM Assembly 65 41
Calibration Required 59 13
Defective A15 Assembly 44 13
Display Failure 41 18
Defective Power Supply 38 17
Defective Attenuator 11 15
Defective Control Circuitry 9 24
Repair By Exchange 9 23
Defective Low Band Mixer Assembly 8 14
Defective Log Converter 7 26
Defective YTO 6 14

Number of times we've repaired this model for the given failure.

Avg. Price of Service
The average total service bill for this model for the given failure. Keep in mind this is an average and is not indicative of your unit. Calibration, Parts, etc. can cause fluctuations in repair prices.

Avg. Turnaround Time
This is the average number of days it takes to repair the given failure. This is based on the number of days from the time the item is received to when we send you our evaluation plus the number of days from when we receive your approval to when we ship it out.

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