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To apply for credit terms (NET 15/30) fill out and submit the form below. Your application will be processed by our accounts receivable team as soon as possible. Results are usually available same day if submitted by 3PM PST. Your sales representative or service coordinator will contact you to let you know the results of your application as soon as it's processed.

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Select the type of order you are requesting credit for. For example if you are purchasing a unit, select "Sales Order No." and enter the quote/sales order number in the "Refrence No." field.

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Tell us some information about yourself. First/last name and an email address we can contact you at to let you know our credit decision.

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Tell us some information about your company. We use this information to help verfiy your credit and to complete your profile in our database. If you already have an account with us you can login at the top of this page and this information will be populated for you.

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Bank Information

Enter the bank information for your company. We use this information to setup wire transfers and to assist in verifying your credit.
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Accounts Payable Contact

Please tell us who our point of contact will be for billing questions.

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Trade References

Tell us some information about some of the people you have done business with. We use this information to help verfiy your credit.

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